How To Turn A Party Band Into A Full Time Job

Hello, everyone. Thank you for making time amidst your busy week to browse our site. The feature you’re about to read was created in collaboration with the band Purple, and we thought it only fitting to begin things by sharing with you a bit of their music. Enjoy:

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I wasn’t really trying to turn my party band into a job. I just didn’t want to do ANYTHING else except play music. My heart was set on it and I focused all of my intense pent up energy from feeling stuck in a small town into music. To me, I would have rather died than go to school and get a normal job. When I was in school and working, I felt completely brain dead. So I said, “fuck this shit.” and quit college and my job. And I freaking went for it man. I looked up every opportunity to find shows out of town. Battle of the Bands, House parties, opening slots…whatever man!!! I had to get out and tell the whole world how I felt through our tunes. I really believed in it, ya know. So I did it.

When we first started playing shows, there was never that many people there. I didn’t give a crap though. I played as intense as possible. After every show, I can barely pick my head up from head banging so hard. My voice is shot from screaming and I’m soaking wet with sweat. That is how I turned it into a job. I give the audience everything I’ve got from this little body and smack them in the face with it. I make them want to keep getting smacked in the face. And you know why they want it? BECAUSE PEOPLE WANT TO FEEL. You have to do it every time too. You never know who is watching. Thats how we got record deals and booking agents. They saw us giving it everything we’ve got. Just like in any job. The boss wants someone hard working and passionate. 

Another thing to learn while turning this party band into a job, is how to focus even when your tired and probably drunk. You gotta learn how to control your mind. You gotta learn how to be the most confident person in the room even if you feel like a big fat loser that day. You will probably feel like a big loser some days when you wake up under a pool table feeling terrible and you gotta get back in that big stinky van and drive 8 hours. But you push through it and you always have your mind on the big picture. you gotta remember.. “this isn’t about me. Its about music and making people feel good with it. And I’m the only person for the job and I can do this. Im awesome.” Sometimes I say that to myself even if I don’t fully believe it that day. I say it until I do believe it again. 
A lot of people think people in bands are just a bunch of fuck ups that need to get real jobs. Well if you believe that, fuck you. It is a real job. Your weekend would suck without music. 
Hannah Brewer is the singer and drummer behind PURPLE, a Texas party band with a lot of energy to spare. We love Hannah’s music and believe you will too if you give it a chance. Head over to Purple’s official website for album information and tour dates. If you get the chance, you definitely want to see this band live. You won’t regret it.

James Shotwell

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