We’re rolling back to the original site (for now…)

Dear Haulix Customers:

As most of you know, we launched a new website last weekend and it didn’t go as smooth as we planned.  We messed up and I know we let a lot of you down who depend on our services to get your work done.

The last couple of days have been a huge learning experience for us. We have listened to you.

With that said, the new site is going back into development and we are bringing the old site back.  All of your promos, contacts and data will be intact.

This migration back to the old site will span the entire day today.  You will be back to your familiar experience by tomorrow morning (Thursday August 11).

I understand some of you have lost faith in us.  All that I ask, is that you give us another chance and one more day to put things back the way they were.

If any of you have concerns or questions, you can email me directly at matt@haulix.com.


Matt Brown – CEO

James Shotwell

James Shotwell is the Director of Customer Engagement at Haulix and host of the company's podcast, Inside Music. He is also a public speaker known for promoting careers in the entertainment industry, as well as an entertainment journalist with over a decade of experience. His bylines include Rolling Stone, Alternative Press, Substream Magazine, Nu Sound, and Under The Gun Review, among other popular outlets.