BANDS: The bare minimum is not enough

We regret to inform you that this will be Seth Werkheiser’s final piece of advice for bands to run on this blog. After over a year of contributions Seth is going to step away and focus on some other projects. We wish him the best and hope you will continue to support his writing moving forward.

Toyota sells cars, but they also do this:

Converse sells shoes, but here, they made this cool video:

Auto and footwear companies don’t really have compelling stories to tell. It’s a car. Or a shoe. Okay. But notice they rarely just post a photo of their wares with a “click here to buy” link. Why? Well, that’s what everyone else does.

You art is a story that needs to be told. Without any context your art is just noise competing with every other “BAND premieres SONG over at MEDIA OUTLET” marketing message. Have you noticed how that all blends together in 2016?

You don’t just record an album, you pour your heart and soul into it.

You don’t just hire anyone to design your album art, you hand pick a talented artist to work with.

You don’t just tour, you play 18 shows in 22 days, and that’s filled with drama and tension, packed with highs and lows.

Seth Werkheiser is the quiz master of metal trivia at Skulltoaster. He’s also the founder of some music sites you may have heard of, including Noise Creep (2009) + Buzzgrinder (2001). He’s anti-Facebook, anti-clickbait, and anti-growth hacking. You should most definitely follow him on Twitter. Yes, right now.

James Shotwell

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