Introducing our new ‘My Promos’ screen

If you’re a member of the media who has logged onto Haulix today you may have noticed a few major changes to our platform. On Saturday afternoon our team rolled out a completely overhauled version of our MyPromos and Profile screens. These updates changed the look and feel of these pages, as well as the overall speed of our platform. Here’s a quick breakdown of everything new:

1. All your promos are now organized by sender. Click on any sender from the left column and the promos available to you from them will appear on the screen.

2. If the sender has organized their promos by a specific label/genre/etc. that categorization will appear to you as well.

3. If you hide any promo(s) those records will be sorted into a new ‘Hidden Promos’ category that will appear on the left side of the page. It looks like this:

In the weeks and months ahead we will be adding additional functionality to this page, including the ability to view all the albums you’ve sent that are scheduled to be released within the next month.

If you have any questions about this update, or if you have a suggestion for a future Haulix change, please email and our team will respond as soon as we are able.

James Shotwell

James Shotwell is the Director of Customer Engagement at Haulix and host of the company's podcast, Inside Music. He is also a public speaker known for promoting careers in the entertainment industry, as well as an entertainment journalist with over a decade of experience. His bylines include Rolling Stone, Alternative Press, Substream Magazine, Nu Sound, and Under The Gun Review, among other popular outlets.