Inside Music Podcast #154: Basement (Alex Henery)

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The UK rock favorites are currently playing arenas nationwide with Weezer and The Pixies.

It has never been easier for an artist to share their music with the world, but sharing music is not enough to build a career. A great song may get you far, and a good song will take you a long ways from nowhere, but anyone who gets ahead in entertainment often does so because they have more to offer the world than talent alone. That is a hard truth, and it is one gifted musicians everywhere must learn if they ever hope to make their art their life.

UK rock group Basement has that something extra. Describing it in full feels impossible but to say they have ‘it’ may undersell their gift. For the last decade, Basement has been winning over fans of rock and hardcore music with a sound that brings together the various sound of underground alternative music and funnels it into something both unique and universally relatable. The members wear their hearts on their sleeves, and they leave everything they have to give on each stage they grace.

Earlier this year, Basement received a call that they did not expect. Out of many bands vying to be included on a co-headliner tour featuring The Pixies and Weezer they were the group chosen. The band had a month to prepare for what would become their first-ever arena tour, and they did not let a moment go to waste.

On this episode of INSIDE MUSIC, host James Shotwell calls Basement guitarist Alex Henery to discuss his band’s opening slot on Weezer and The Pixies nationwide co-headlining tour. Alex tells James about his recent adventures on the road, the difference between clubs and arenas, and the lessons learned from the road. James and Alex also discuss Basement’s decade-long history in music, as well as what the future might hold based on the group’s recent successes.

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James Shotwell

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