VIDEO: The Maine, 8123, and the value of community

The Maine, Music Biz 101, Community 8123

In our latest Music Biz 101 video, host James Shotwell explains how American rock band The Maine created a supportive community of fan through their music. Continue Reading

A crash course in avoiding music industry burnout

Burnout, Music Burnout, Music Industry Burnout, 2019, burnout survival, surviving burnout

Everyone in music works too much and has a million things they feel they must accomplish, but taking time to recover is just as important as getting ahead. Continue Reading

The truth about music journalism and how to get covered in 2019

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Getting press in music is harder than ever before, but with a few simple steps, you can develop a meaningful relationship with industry gatekeepers. The competition for attention in music is fierce. Whether you’re seeking to reach consumers directly or… Continue Reading

VIDEO: How PROs process split sheets

split sheet, performance rights organization, pros, split sheets explained, understanding split sheets

We recognize that many artists hate to think of music as a business, but those make a career out of music do so because they treat it as a business. Split sheets play a vital role in determining what an artists makes for their work, which makes understanding how they work incredibly important. Continue Reading