Pre-Adds (Pre-Saves) are the new pre-orders, but is that a good thing?

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Consumers are replacing pre-orders with pre-adds and pre-saves, but is something more important than sales being lost along the way? Continue Reading

What is ‘windowing,’ and why is it bad for the music business?

Exclusivity it dead. Long live exclusivity. Despite what the proliferation of streaming services may have lead you to believe, exclusivity in the music business is alive and well in 2016. Regardless of whether you’re discussing sales, streams, video content, or… Continue Reading

How To Turn Off Your Apple Music Auto-Renewal As First Wave Of Free Trials Expire

Three months passed pretty quick, eh? Tonight, September 30, marks the end of the free trial period for the first wave of Apple Music users. Those who signed up the first day the streaming service became available will have to… Continue Reading