FEATURE: Our 10 Favorite Albums Of 2015

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Inside Music Podcast #44 – Mike Hansen (Pentimento)

On this episode of INSIDE MUSIC, host James Shotwell calls Pentimento drummer and songwriter Mike Hansen to discuss his band’s upcoming album. Along the way, James and Mike get sidetracked with discussion of growing up, the cost of maintaining a… Continue Reading

Inside Music Podcast #32 – Brandon Stasi (Sudden Suspension)

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Inside Music Podcast #13 – Thomas Nassiff (Bad Timing Records)

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Industry Spotlight: Emily Hakes (Lame-O Records)

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Inside Music Podcast #2 – Zack Zarrillo (PropertyOfZack)

After a little more than a month away it gives us great pleasure to reintroduce the Inside Music podcast. We learned a great deal from our first episode, including the necessity of high quality microphones, and have made several efforts to improve… Continue Reading