Haulix Weekly Update #74 – “I Glued My Head To My Shoulder.”

Can you feel it in the air? The weekend is fast-approaching, or at least it was when we first sat down to write this, and in no time at all we will feel the freedom that comes with sleeping in… Continue Reading

Haulix Weekly Update #69: “Television! Teacher! Mother! Secret Lover.”

Good afternoon, everyone! We hope the holidays have treated you well so far, and that wherever you find yourself now is somewhere both fun and relaxing. The music business never stops, but this time of year it does tend to… Continue Reading

Haulix Weekly Update #61: Happy Halloween! Here’s Your Treat…

This may be the only Haulix company update of the year that falls on a holiday, and to be honest we haven’t the slightest clue how to make the most of the occasion. We do love Halloween however, and we… Continue Reading

Haulix Weekly Update #55: Fall Is On The Way

For the last couple weeks we have started this recap feature by sharing whatever record was spinning around the Haulix offices the past week. It’s inadvertently becomes something we look forward to sharing with our readers, causing many internal discussions… Continue Reading

Haulix Weekly Update #49: It’s A Jimmy Buffett Kind Of Day (Whatever That Means)

I was never that into the music of Jimmy Buffett, but my father spins his music every single week and I imagine he will continue to do so for the remainder of his life. When I was younger, I never… Continue Reading