Haulix Weekly Update #144: “Look, just give me some inner peace or I’ll mop the floor with ya!”

Hello, everyone! There are grey skies hanging over Minneapolis today, and because of this the temperature has fallen from the mid-70s to somewhere in the mid-60s. We consider this a blessing of sorts, as our entire team lives for Fall… Continue Reading

Haulix Weekly Update #142: “You will be called…Stitchface”

Hello, everyone! Welcome to the first weekend of September and one of the last true holiday weekends of 2016. Our entire staff is itching to get our and enjoy the final hours of summer, but there is still a lot… Continue Reading

Haulix Weekly Update #134: “Scanning for sarcasm…”

Hello, everyone! It’s the beginning of July and things are really starting to heat up at Haulix HQ. Everything we have been working towards for the better part of a year is so close to being ready for public consumption… Continue Reading

Haulix Weekly Update #131: “This better be about pizza”

Hello, everyone! We’re a day late posting this update, but rest assured that all is well at Haulix HQ. We have some big changes on the horizon, and starting with this post we are going to reveal some of what… Continue Reading