Inside Music Podcast #13 – Thomas Nassiff (Bad Timing Records)

Hello, everyone! We told you earlier this week that we were not slowing our efforts for one second, and today we’re thrilled to share the second to last episode of INSIDE MUSIC that will debut in 2014. This conversation was… Continue Reading

The Reason Taylor Swift’s Music Is Still Available On Most Streaming Services

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Industry Spotlight: Richard Collier (Keynote Company)

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Journalism Tips: How To Handle Leaked ‘News’

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Inside Music Podcast #6 – Dave Mackinder (Fireworks/Tea & Water)

We have spent the past two months figuring out the world of podcasting, and I think we may have finally found our groove. After recording the episode you are about to enjoy I called my mom and told her I… Continue Reading

Blogger Spotlight: Brandon Ringo (New Noise Magazine)

Hello and welcome to another edition of the Haulix Blogger Spotlight series. We received your numerous requests for this column to appear more frequently, and through the coming month of October we will attempt to do just that. Today’s interview runs a… Continue Reading