The best advice on conducting interviews I ever received

Music writers today are inundated with requests for coverage from artists and their representatives on a daily basis. There are far too many for one person to ever do them all, and most would not be worth the effort anyways.… Continue Reading

A New Way To Sell Music: Evan Baken Talks EftMega

There is a digital new music retailer on the block, and this one is actually worth getting to know. EftMega is the brainchild of Evan Baken, former member of beloved punk band The Movielife. The site exists to promote independent… Continue Reading

Journalism Tips: Making The Most Of Email Interviews

Let me preface this article with two caveats. Firstly, there’s no right way to conduct an interview (aside from maintaining some professionalism). Everyone develops their own style, and what’s right for me might not be right for you. My style… Continue Reading

Blogger Spotlight: Legendary Kids Press

Back when Haulix Daily was simply known as the Haulix company blog we admittedly had very few content ideas. We knew we wanted to not only reach, but also celebrate the people who depended on our service seven days a… Continue Reading

Blogger Spotlight: Joel Funk (36 Vultures)

A little time has passed since we dusted off our beloved ‘Blogger Spotlight’ feature, but just last month we found a reason to resurrect the once thriving series, and if all goes as planned we will have several new installments… Continue Reading

Inside Music Podcast #29 – Ben Hardesty (The Last Bison)

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Blogger Spotlight: Lucy Binetti (Lucy Out Loud)

It is hard to believe this, but we are fast-approaching the two-year anniversary of this blog’s birth. In that time we have interviewed well over two-hundred industry professionals, including over one-hundred music bloggers and journalists. If you were here from… Continue Reading