Blogger Spotlight: Alex Arnold (Lambgoat)

Hello, everyone! Today is a very special day for the Haulix blog as we’re fortunate enough to be sharing the story of one of the biggest and longest-running hard rock news outlets online. This site has been praised and criticized… Continue Reading

Blogger Spotlight: Robert Herrera (PunkVideosRock)

Hello and welcome to another edition of the Haulix Blogger Spotlight series. This week we have an unplanned theme of sites specializing in multimedia features over classic news posting, and I think it offers a rather interest take on where… Continue Reading

Blogger Spotlight: Jack Appleby (Absolutepunk)

Hello and welcome to another edition of the Haulix Blogger Spotlight. As you may have noticed, we are increasing the amount of content we post here on our blog, including the debut of several new columns. Our hope is that you… Continue Reading

Blogger Spotlight: Brian Leak (Under The Gun Review)

Hello, and welcome back to the Haulix Blogger Spotlight series. This week we have two very interesting and completely different individuals to introduce you to, and the first comes to us from the land of Northern California. Though we have… Continue Reading

Blogger Spotlight: Chris Harris (GunShyAssassin)

Continuing our ongoing feature highlighting the people behind the industry’s best sites and zines, today we are excited to unveil a new interview with Gun Shy Assassin founder Chris Harris. Chris has a long history in journalism, both in music and out, and has… Continue Reading