Music Industry Job Board (12/11/16)

A lot has been written about the supposed dire state of the music industry, but truth be told there are a number of successful and growing companies, including record labels, that are thriving in 2016. In this column we bring… Continue Reading

Inside Music Podcast #56: Jan Powers (Artist Manager)

On this episode of INSIDE MUSIC, host James Shotwell connects with fast-rising artist manager Jan Powers to discuss the current music industry and what it takes for a young band to quote/unquote ‘make it.’ Jan has built his career from… Continue Reading

A Manager’s Duty: What Every Artist And Manager Should Know!

Hello and welcome to our second Advice column of the week. This feature is a bit extra special because it also serves as our first collaborative piece with Daniel Alvarez, attorney at law and music business aficionado. We will be… Continue Reading