The truth about music journalism and how to get covered in 2019

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Getting press in music is harder than ever before, but with a few simple steps, you can develop a meaningful relationship with industry gatekeepers. The competition for attention in music is fierce. Whether you’re seeking to reach consumers directly or… Continue Reading

What Artists Can Learn From The Marketing Genius of Heart Attack Man

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Music marketing has changed. Not long ago, artists hoping to stand out would turn to blogs with strong followings to premiere music and share insight into their records. That approach still works today, but with more artists and blogs than… Continue Reading

How to keep shirt costs low without risking the quality of your merch

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There are many ways to get attention for your band, but regardless of what tips and tricks you may have picked up throughout your experience in music, there is nothing that can impact your careers like a great hook or… Continue Reading

Smart Speakers are making a serious impact on music consumption in the U.S.

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Not so long ago, radio was the primary form of home entertainment. Families would gather around their stereos, which were as large as many televisions are today, and they would listen intently to songs and stories being shared over the airwaves.… Continue Reading