Music Industry Job Board (January 7, 2019)

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New openings: Music Operations Reporting Lead (Facebook – NYC) We are seeking a Music Operations Reporting Lead to manage reporting operations and global product support functions for record labels and music publishers. Candidates will have extensive operational experience with labels,… Continue Reading

Music Industry Job Board (2/14/16)

A lot has been written about the supposed dire state of the music industry, but truth be told there are a number of successful and growing companies, including record labels, that are thriving in 2016. In this column we bring… Continue Reading

PR Spotlight: Austin Griswold (Secret Service PR)

Hello again, everyone. Welcome to the fourth installment of our PR Spotlight series. The first three weeks found us talking to a family man with decades in the business, a woman who had recently moved from a major label to one far… Continue Reading

PR Spotlight: Jen Appel (The Catalyst Publicity Group)

Hello and welcome to the third installment of our Haulix PR Spotlight series. The last two weeks featured industry veterans with over two decades of experience between them, but this week is a bit different. Instead of highlighting someone more or less… Continue Reading

Blogger Spotlight: Jesse Richman (PropertyOfZack)

Another Monday has found its way into existence, and here we are once again with a new Haulix Blogger Spotlight. This feature is the longest running on our still-young blog, and this week it gains one of its lengthier entries to date. If you… Continue Reading

Industry Spotlight: Bryne Yancey (Punknews / BFG PR)

Hello again and welcome to a very special edition of our Haulix Spotlight series. Fridays are usually reserved for our ongoing advice column, but due to a wealth of timely content we want to roll out that feature is taking the week… Continue Reading

Blogger Spotlight: Jack Appleby (Absolutepunk)

Hello and welcome to another edition of the Haulix Blogger Spotlight. As you may have noticed, we are increasing the amount of content we post here on our blog, including the debut of several new columns. Our hope is that you… Continue Reading