Inside Music Podcast #156: Palisades’ Lou Miceli Returns!

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Taking a brief break from the road, Palisades’ vocalist fills listeners in on the band’s latest activity and sheds light on the reality of discussing hard times with fans.

Promoting emotional vulnerability has become the bedrock of many careers in music over the last decade. That is a stark change from generations prior, which largely heralded any band or performer capable of stringing together a catchy line that promoted escapism or grandiose ideas of self. Today’s music listener, it seems, wants to relate to performers above all else. Audiences want to know the people on stage are every bit as human as themselves, and that they struggle in the same way anyone else does. They need to know we’re all in this together, even if we’re all alone.

Palisades has always been a band known for wearing their hearts on the sleeves, but the group’s 2018 album, Erase The Pain, took that effort to new heights. The New Jersey rock favorites worked tirelessly with producer Howard Benson to craft a record that conveyed all the trials and tribulations they experienced not just as musicians, but as people living in the world today. The results have connected with music fans from all walks of life, and the band is now on the road trying to meet every person who feels moved by their music in person before 2019 is out.

On this episode of INSIDE MUSIC, Palisades vocalist Lou Miceli stops by to share his recent experiences touring the United States. Lou appeared on the show in late 2018 to discuss his band’s yet to be released album Erase The Pain, and now he’s back to talk about everything that has happened since the record his stores. Palisades is currently on tour, and they will most likely be in a city near you soon.

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