How artists succeed on Spotify, according to a playlisting professional

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Streaming is as much a way of life for musicians as it is a game, and games are often won or lost based on the intelligence of the players. Continue Reading

5 Ways To Ensure Your Band Is Making The Most Of Instagram

Instagram has long been the go-to platform for anyone hoping to share photos and short videos of their lives with the internet, but in recent weeks the company has gone to new lengths improve brand relations and provide long-desired improvements… Continue Reading

Email Will Out-Live Social Media

“So what’s the next big thing online to get the word out?” The singer from a popular hardcore band asked me this recently. They’re no slouch, with 5+ albums and a few European tours under their belt. But most smart… Continue Reading

Advice: Stop putting more barriers between you and your fans

(Photo credit: Tracy Vanessa / Mezzic) In the 90s it was all about getting your music into big box stores like Best Buy, Tower Records, and Circuit City. Distribution wins! But those stores didn’t really care about your music or… Continue Reading