Music Industry Job Board (April 2, 2018)

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New openings: Featured Content Editor (Apple Music – Culver City, CA) Dynamic, highly organized writer and editor to manage week-over-week publishing and a team of seasoned writers for Apple Music and iTunes Music Store. Principal Content Acquisition Manager, Digital Music… Continue Reading

Music Industry Job Board (11/23/14)

A lot has been written about the supposed dire state of the music industry, but truth be told there are a number of successful and growing companies, including record labels, that are thriving in 2014. In this column we bring… Continue Reading

Haulix Weekly Update #43 – “Love Rhymes With Helping Haulix Fight Digital Piracy”

“A wild and crazy weekend involves sitting on the front porch, smoking a cigar, reading a book.” – Robert M. Gates You may not agree with Mr. Gates’ decision to smoke, but there is something beautiful about the quote above.… Continue Reading

An Introduction To Concert Photography – Part 2: Photo Pit Etiquette

Hello and welcome to the beginning another week of music industry insight and discussion here on the official blog of Haulix. We were so overwhelmed  by the response to our initial column on concert photography that we decided to bump… Continue Reading

Journalism Tips #9 – ‘What To Do When The Internet Hates You’

Hello and welcome to the ninth installment of our Journalism Tips series. We started this column as a way to help aspiring writers get their start in music, but over the last month we have been evolving into a place writers come… Continue Reading

Common Mistakes Artists Need To Avoid When Contacting Journalists

Hello and welcome to another week of music industry insight and advice here on the official blog of Haulix. We love to entertain, but being informative in a way that is easy to understand is always our primary goal. If you have an… Continue Reading